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The Language of the Universe

I 've always loved music. Some of my earlier memories include begging my Mama to play the songs that she wrote for us on the piano in the living room so we could dance to them.

My older sister's song, 'Reverie', or 'Thoughts about the Lord Jesus', was contemplative and flowed smoothly (like my sister) as we slowly spun around the room. Mine came next. 'Minuet' or 'Cozy and Warm', was cheerful and upbeat and kept us skipping and twirling in circles. Caleb's 'Gigue', or 'Happy Little Man', was the perfect excuse to jump on and off the couch. It had driving energy and rhythm, and we would wear ourselves out by dancing as hard as we could to keep up with the piano.

But then, we would come to the last song. It was titled 'Sonatina', or 'The Little Tea Party', and written for my little sister whom we never met. With one of the sweetest tunes I know, I could always feel a distinct difference in this piece. There was a mutually understood reserve when we reached this song as Mama played. Our dancing would slow to soft swaying, or I would sit down with my knees pulled up to my chest and just watch Mama play. Despite the prettiness of the song, or perhaps because of it, I could sense the depth of feeling expressed through the tune. The music talked to me of love and sadness and hope, it spoke of a quiet longing and expectation of meeting in Heaven.

​ This is what music is. It is so much more than notes on a page or sounds in your ear. Music is a language that can speak and express what words cannot. Music can comfort when human tongues fail. And music can reach farther inside than any doctor's instrument, for music can touch the soul.

I believe that music is one of God's greatest 'extra' gifts to mankind. (Other 'extra' gifts I think are color, scent and beauty. None of these are necessary to human existence - only a Creator who loves his Creation would give 'extras', don't you think?)

Those who cannot communicate through speech can talk and be understood through music. Those who cannot understand your words can understand you through music. To those of you who I know claim to 'not be musical' or 'can't carry a tune' or 'don't play an instrument' -- that's not what I'm talking about. If you are alive and breathing (check if you're not sure), you have a heart with depths of perception and knowledge that you're not even aware of. And at some point, there has been music that has touched those depths and stirred them to a reaction of some emotion. Whether it was awe, or inspiration, or sadness, or memory, or praise, or wonder -- only you know. The only category of people I know who cannot understand this language is those who are deaf, and what great joy they will have when their ears open in Heaven - a place where every sound is beautiful beyond our comprehension!

All creation sings - have you noticed? The treetops whisper or roar, planets bellow their tune through space, single cell organisms dance under a microscope, birds whistle and insects hum while the song of the whales travel through the ocean depths. The created universe is united in bringing praise and glory to the Creator through a harmonious medley of sound.

This is my goal as a musician. I want to praise the Lord and bless others with this wonderful gift of music. I wish to rejoice with those who are happy, cheer those who are sad, calm those who are anxious and help those who are hurting. The only person who can truly and completely do this is God, but He can use us as instruments in His hand. I wish to stir people's hearts to a state of worship toward our Creator.

As a side note

I recently officially started another business:

Celtic Inspirations: Background Celtic Harp Music

If you are interested in checking out the website, you can view it here:

Keep me in mind if you or anyone you know would enjoy live harp music at your event! :)

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