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Forever Steadfast

In a letter my Daddy wrote me for my 18th birthday, he referenced, "your talent for writing (you got that from your Mama) and your gift of gab (you got that from me ;) )". And I can see what he means. Like Daddy, I am often the last one back to the car after an event. And like Mama, I naturally drift into writing when I'm happy, sad, or contemplative.

I realize that is a very odd way to start a blog post, and don't worry, I won't leave it there. But I have an announcement to make (or share, rather) and this all ties in.

My Mama has been writing nearly all her life, occasionally sharing what she has written with family and friends, but not often. Something Daddy was always encouraging her to do was to 'get her work out there' so other people could read and be blessed by it. He loves her writing, and so do I. So it is with a lot of satisfaction and joy that I can now share with others "Forever Steadfast", a blog by Rebecca Thomas!

Now I will be honest and say that if you like racy content and crazy stories/events, than as great as it is, Forever Steadfast probably isn't for you. Mama is a thinker, and her writing reflects what she has been pondering. To quote her, "if you desire to “be encouraged together by the mutual faith both of you and me,” (Rom. 1:12), then perhaps this will hit the spot."

And maybe thinking deeply isn't really your thing. Well, perhaps you should try and make it more of 'a thing' for you. While not everyone is or should be a great thinker, if you are a Christ follower, you ought to be willing to slow down and just meditate on our Lord.

Learn to be a steadfast follower of Him, as He is Forever Steadfast to us.

If you are interested in checking out her blog, here's the link to the home page:

My personal favorite post that she has done so far is one about rejoicing. If you are going through any kind of difficulty, I highly recommend this post for your consideration:

(And I realize that most of you here probably already know about Forever Steadfast, but I'm hoping there are a few people that I can steer towards it. :) )

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