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Welcome to JBD's Blog! (And find out why there won't be many actual posts about jewelry...)

Hello there! I'm so glad you've stopped by the blog! My name is Christiana and I am the business manager, supply supervisor, jewelry creator, financial advisor, web designer, picture photographer and editor (and anything else that goes into a jewelry business) for Jewelry by Design.

Now comes the moment where I must be perfectly frank. I love jewelry. I love making jewelry. I enjoy wearing jewelry. But I really can't find a lot to say about jewelry. I will of course post as many entries as I can come up with about about jewelry (don't worry, not all at once :) ), but be honest -- how many of you will find a half-dozen posts in a row about jewelry interesting?

And here's the other honest truth you should know. There's a lot more to me than the art of jewelry! Yeah, I enjoy creating beautiful necklaces -- I have ever since I was eight years old -- but I would probably rank jewelry as maybe a tenth percent of what I do. Yes, I am a jeweler, and I want you to like my pieces (please check out my website!!), but this is a blog, and I'm obliged to write about everything that inspires me, not just jewelry.

I am a reader, writer, poet, musician, actress, horse lover, costume fan, homeschooler, country lovin', family huggin', Christ follower, Pacific-Northwestern girl! And I'm afraid that's just the kind of blogging material you're gonna get.

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for all the posts about jewelry; the basics, design, suppliers, good deals, new creations, etc., etc. Otherwise, keep scrolling for the latest post. I'd love to hear from you!

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