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Freedom's War

Independence Day. For those who lived during the Revolutionary War, this was probably one of the most exciting days of their lives. And for many, it was also the day that foretold their future sacrifice and heartbreak. But GOD. In the end, against all odds, through these people God granted America freedom.

Now, 247 years later, have we forgotten their pain? Have we forgotten what we owe to God and to the men and women who fought for what we now enjoy? Do we realize the responsibility that is ours - the responsibility to keep what they earned, to uphold what they established, the responsibility to remember what they did?

This 4th of July, let's celebrate our country's birth of freedom, but what's more, let us remember and resolve to fight with God for our country like the ones who entrusted it to us.

I wrote this poem in 2018, but this is still my heart's prayer.


Thousands fought at Freedom's Calling,

giving up their lives for this;

Sacrificed themselves so we

could live in Freedom's wondrous bliss.

Throughout the years from the beginning

freedom's been on every mind;

Release from sin and death and suffering,

for bondage forms in many kinds:

Slavery of our human brothers,

slavery to some guilt or shame,

Servants to the wicked Devil;

slavery's called by many names.

Ruled by drink, or bets and gambling,

drugs, to make on 'just forget',

Many seek to save themselves but

what redemption do they get?

No blind can lead the stumbling blind!

no shackled man release another!

Only One can break one's bondage,

and He is Jesus Christ, our brother:

The Man who paid true Freedom's Cost

the God who stands in vic'try now.

The Man who died, but never sinned,

the God who hands us Freedom's Vow.


Our country, "Under God", still stands,

with freedom, rights and lives our own;

Gains enjoyed and hopeful dreams -

all of these to God are owed.

Do we take this boon for granted?

living off what others gained?

Do we deserve what we've been giv'n

if Freedom's Light begins to wane?

If we stand by and offer nothing

for the cause that thousands died,

"Lord forgive us, God have mercy!"

should be echoed to the skies.


Raise your battle standard higher,

stand up firm like those before,

Be who others dare to follow:

give your all in Freedom's War.

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