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A Harp, a Camera, and Me.

First off, uh, Happy Spring! Not exactly sure what happened since I posted last in FEBRUARY!! Good grief. Actually, I had another post written and finished in March, but then I forgot to hit the publish button. Whoops! :)

Okay, about today's post.

A couple weeks ago I happened to look outside and note that the weather was perfect

for photography. Then I decided that since I was already in costume I decided that I might as well grab some photos that I was needing with my harp.

*Note* I did not get in costume because I was going to take pictures. I took pictures because I already happened to be in costume. (See my post on costumes if this is confusing to you.)

I had a ton of fun, got some good results, and though ultimately I came in with numb feet and an out-of-tune friend, it was very much worth it! Believe me, it's all about quality time! (Sadly not my quote.) The photoshoot was so much fun, that I decided to make a video out of it. It's below, and please watch it, because the video is the real blog post, and I'd rather not write out everything that happened and that I enjoyed. Because I already did. (in the video!) Okay, go watch it now! ;)

Welcome back! (That is, if you did what I asked and watched the -- never mind.) Now if you think that getting this much joy out of hanging out with your instrument is weird and I'm a little touched, well then, you have one more video to watch. I'm not the only one! Just make sure you watch mine first. This one was done by professionals. Enjoy!


Well, that was going to be the end, but I gotta share what I just watched out the window. My little brother is herding the ducks through the garden to put them to bed - in rubber boots, pajama shorts and no shirt - on a bike two sizes too big for him.

You're welcome for the smile! :)

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