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Custom Design

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Welcome to Custom Design! 

Here is where you will get to choose your own style, colors and look of your custom-made piece! I work with online bead stores, with hundreds of options to choose from. Browse through ideas posted below to spark your imagination. 

When you've got an idea of what you'd like, click on the link below and fill out the email form to contact Christiana. You will be sent pictures of beads that match your description. If Jewelry by Design does not have the right beads in stock, then a search will be made online until the right beads are found. 

You will be sent progress reports with pictures of your piece. Your input is welcome and encouraged, but Jewelry by Design reserves the right to make overriding decisions in regards to spacing, color and design, based on aesthetic and artistic reasoning.

Pricing for all pieces will begin at $26.00. The price of materials will be determined at the end of the project.

*Note: A custom designed piece will take an undetermined amount of time to create and ship, depending on what Jewelry by Design has in stock and how quickly the customer responds to messages with questions, suggestions and payment.

Spaced/Tiered Necklaces

I am very excited about this style of necklace! After a lot of research, I finally figured out what kind of wire is used to make the kinds of necklaces pictured in the gallery. There are 49 strands of wire wound together and coated in nylon in that necklace! This is what gives this wire the beautiful drape and flexibility not found in regular wire.
I think they are beautiful, and what's more, I can order this specialized wire in dozens of colors, including blues, reds, purples, whites, greens, browns and pinks - multiple shades in each color! That's not even counting the metallic colors such as silver, gold, rose gold, bronze and copper.

If you don't have a time crunch and want a beautiful tiered necklace with your favorite shade of soft flexible wire, than this is an option for you! 
If you are interested in this, fill out this form below.

*Note: this wire is more expensive than the wire I use for my other necklaces, and will be reflected in the final price.


Do you want the theme of your necklace to be themed around a certain color or shape? There are beads of every style and color you can imagine! Flowers and trees, feathers and leaves, stars and shapes, crosses and landmarks and more! Scroll through the gallery to spark your imagination!


Do you realize that there are beads of every color under the sun? If you have a specific tint or shade of color in mind, there's probably a bead out there to match! And don't forget the sparkles!

Pendant or Charm

Sometimes a pendant or charm or two is just what's needed to add a finishing touch to a necklace or bracelet. Remember, these are ideas -- the actual options are limitless!

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